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Production of various warp knitted fabrics

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Haining Longjie New Material Co., Ltd. is located in the hometown of warp knitting in China-Haining City is 55 kilometers west of Hangzhou and 135 kilometers east of Shanghai. We are

China Polyester Warp Knitted Fabrics Manufacturer and Super Soft Warp-Knitted Fabric Supplier

and the transportation is very convenient.

Our company was established in March 2007. The company covers an area of more than 10,000 square meters. The company's main equipment includes 16 German-imported Karl Mayer HKS3 high-speed warp knitting machines, electronic automatic control high-speed warping machines and 12 napping machines.

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Production of various warp knitted fabrics


    Production of various warp knitted fabrics

  • Customization

    Products can be developed and produced according to samples provided by customers.

  • Cost

    We have 16 warp knitting machines and 12 drawing machines. Factory direct sales, good quality and low price.

  • Quality

    We have our own professional QC team.

  • Capacity

    Our daily output of embryonic fabrics exceeds 30 tons, which can meet the needs of customers with different purchase volumes.

  • Delivery

    We are very close to Ningbo and Shanghai Port, so it is very convenient to export.

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Production of various warp knitted fabrics

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