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Haining Longjie New Material Co., Ltd. is located in the hometown of warp knitting in China—Haining City is 55 kilometers west of Hangzhou and 135 kilometers east of Shanghai. We are China Soft White Flannel Fabrics Suppliers and Wholesale Soft Fleece Fabrics Factory. The transportation is very convenient.

Our company was established in March 2007. The company covers an area of more than 10,000 square meters. The company's main equipment includes 16 German-imported Karl Mayer HKS3 high-speed warp knitting machines, electronic automatic control high-speed warping machines and 12 napping machines. Our company has a warping workshop, warp knitting workshop, napping workshop, and a daily output of 30 tons of fabric.

Our company specializes in the production of various medium and high-end warp knitted fabrics, such as: super soft short plush, super soft carved short plush, imitation super soft, Dutch velvet, Italian velvet, mercerized velvet, suede and other fabrics; Products are widely used in home textiles, car decoration, clothing, shoes and hats, toys, cloth for luggage and so on. The company's products are exported to Britain, Russia, Turkey, Iraq, Iran, Vietnam, Malaysia, Thailand, Brazil, Egypt.

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Industry knowledge

What are the common uses of soft white flannel fabric?

Soft white flannel fabric has a variety of common uses due to its comfort, warmth, and soft texture. Some of the common uses include:
Pajamas and Sleepwear: Flannel pajamas are popular for their warmth and cozy feel, making them a great choice for cold nights.
Bedding: Flannel sheets and pillowcases are often used in the winter months to provide extra warmth and comfort on a bed.
Blankets and Throws: Flannel blankets and throws are ideal for snuggling up on the couch or adding an extra layer of warmth to your bedding.
Baby Clothing and Blankets: Soft flannel is commonly used for baby clothes, receiving blankets, and swaddling blankets due to its gentle feel against a baby's sensitive skin.
Shirts and Blouses: Flannel shirts are a classic choice for casual wear, offering comfort and warmth.
Lounge Pants and Robes: Flannel lounge pants and robes are comfortable options for lounging around the house.
Crafts and Sewing Projects: Flannel is a versatile fabric for crafting and sewing projects such as quilting, making stuffed animals, or creating decorative items.
Lining for Jackets and Coats: Flannel can be used as a lining material in jackets and coats to add insulation and comfort.
Tablecloths and Napkins: In some cases, flannel is used as a tablecloth or napkin material, especially for casual or rustic-themed events.
Cleaning Cloths: Flannel's soft texture makes it suitable for cleaning delicate surfaces like eyeglasses or electronics screens.
Doll Clothing: Flannel is often used to make clothing for dolls and stuffed animals.
Costumes: It can also be used for making costumes, especially for characters that require a cozy or vintage look.
DIY Home Decor: Flannel can be incorporated into home decor projects like throw pillow covers, curtains, and wall hangings.
Pet Bedding: Some pet owners use flannel fabric to create comfortable bedding for their pets.
Backing for Quilts: Flannel is a popular choice for the backing of quilts because of its warmth and softness.
These are just a few examples of the many uses for soft white flannel fabric. Its versatility and comfort make it a popular choice for a wide range of projects and products.

Is soft plush fabric suitable for clothing, upholstery, or other applications?

Soft plush fabric can be suitable for various applications, including clothing, upholstery, and other uses, depending on its characteristics and the specific requirements of the project. Plush fabric is known for its softness, comfort, and luxurious texture, which makes it a popular choice for certain applications. Here are some considerations for using soft plush fabric in different contexts:
Soft plush fabric can be used to make cozy and comfortable clothing items, such as sweaters, hoodies, jackets, pajamas, and blankets.
It is particularly popular for winter apparel due to its warmth and soft feel against the skin.
Plush fabric is often used for children's clothing and stuffed animal toys because of its cuddly texture.
Plush fabric is commonly used for upholstery, especially in furniture like sofas, chairs, and cushions.
It adds a luxurious and inviting look to furniture and can enhance the overall comfort of seating.
Plush upholstery may require regular maintenance to keep it looking clean and free from dust and pet hair.
Other Applications:
Plush fabric is also used in various other applications, such as car interiors, decorative pillows, and soft toys.
It can be used for lining the interiors of bags, purses, and cases to provide a soft and protective surface.
Plush fabric can be utilized in crafts and DIY projects for making plushies, decorations, and more.
When considering plush fabric for a specific application, it's important to keep in mind the durability, maintenance requirements, and the specific aesthetic you want to achieve. Additionally, consider factors like the type of plush fabric (e.g., faux fur, velvet, or minky), as different types may have varying levels of softness and suitability for different purposes. Overall, soft plush fabric can add a touch of luxury and comfort to various items, but its appropriateness will depend on the intended use.

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